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Turkey: A suicide bomber hits two Christian villages, blows himself up near world’ oldest church


A suicide bomber blew himself up at a junction between two ancient Syrian Orthodox Christian villages in Turkey. The explosion resulted in 5 causalities, as the bomber struck at a check post between the two villages. The check post is located close to an ancient church which is considered to be the oldest church in the world.

Suicide attack on Christian villages in Turkey

The explosion took place very close to the Saint Mary Church, (called Idto d’Yoldath-Aloho in the native language) in Hah, Tur Abdin. It is believed that the three wise men who when traveled to Bethlehem to see infant Christ, stopped at the exact location where the church is standing today. Some believe it is most ancient church in the world.

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The villages have been constantly facing situation of fighting and disorder. Nuri Kino from A Demand for Action advocacy group while detailing about the residents of the village says, “The inhabitants in our villages are vulnerable and we are pleading to the world to stop them from being hurt.

“Yesterday was a day of total shock for us, we are losing our people in Iraq and Syria and now this in Turkey,” Kino continued saying, “We are tired of tears, tired of being hurt in country after country. The people of Tur Abdin stand not alone.”

Moreover, the resident of the region have expressed exhaustion over continued fighting, unrest and disputes. Tur Abdin, is a mountainous area and while the meaning of Tur Abdin is “The Mountain of the Servants of God.” Some believe that Tur Abdin is the nucleus of Syriac Orthodox Christianity.

According to Nuri Kino, who also works as a fact-finding journalist, Saint Marry’ Chruch or “Yuldath Aloho has faced many wars and genocides and never been destroyed. Yesterday all the windows were crashed. We feel with all those that were killed, no human blood, no matter if they are Turks, Kurds or Assyrian/Syriacs should be shared.”