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Turkey: Christian refugees in camps forced to hide their faith living their religion secretly


A Christian charity ministry along with Christian advocacy group Christian Aid Mission, carried out interviews of Christian refugees in Turkish refugee camps. The interviews conducted by the groups indicate that the Christian refugees had been living their lives in fear and are forced to hide their faith, as they openly do not live as Christians.

Christian refugees fearful in Turkish refugee camps

The groups indicate that there are about 3 million Syrian refugees in Turkish refugee camps. These refugees include Christians as well. Syrian Christians have fled violence and are taking shelter in these refugee camps.

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“There are many that have fled to Europe but have died along the way. Those going are returning to Turkey. But most Turkish people do not want to see Syrians become Turkish citizens. They are shouting this in the streets, and it makes us sad. Syrians are saying they will return to their homeland if the war ends,” said Director of the Turky-based Christian ministry which collaborated with Christian Aid Mission.

“In Turkey, Muslims say the words, Hazreti Isa to express that Jesus was a prophet – they have in mind the meaning, ‘Prophet Jesus,'” he further explained “But now the refugees are saying ‘Jesus Christ’ like us, instead of Prophet Jesus. Praise God that seeds are beginning to take root. In every tent, when we talk about Jesus, we are seeing this change when we translate. They say and use these words more often.”

The prime cause of their fear is possibility of ISIS militants infiltrating the refugees and gaining foothold in refugee camps as well. Christians remain fearful and traumatized after witnessing ISIS’s atrocities committed against their relatives and friends back home. Still reeling from the horrors of the atrocities committed by the terror group, these Christians are afraid to reveal their faith, the ministry explained.