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TV Program Addresses Women’s Issues in Middle East


Women in the Middle East remain marginalized at large. They do not have a voice, they are looked down upon and repressed in every way possible. Women can not even drive or gain education, let alone working.

SAT-7, a Christian satellite channel which runs a television ministry in the Middle East and North Africa is helping these women stand up and speak.

In a program launched recently, called Because I am A Woman, topics usually ignored and over looked are discussed. These include custody rights, sexual harassment, honor killings and rap and many more. It is a news show that addresses hard-hitting topics.

Women are gaining confidence through the show. “Women’s issues are the foundation of much that is happening in the Arab world right now,” says presenter and producer Julie Nakouzi.

“SAT-7 cares about the dynamics of family life. We are highlighting these issues in an effective way to change public opinion and encourage people to take a stand concerning these topics.”