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Two Christian Youth Die While Rescuing A Girl From Drowning


Two Christian youth from Faislabad have given the example of love by not thinking of their own lives and saving the life of others.

Qalib Ghori is the nephew of Journalist Aftab Nawaz and brother of Pastor Shahid Ghori. According to reports, yesterday Pastor Shahid Ghori had organized a prayer meeting in the area and had taken members of his congregation for a tour of River Chenab near Chiniot.

Upon reaching there they saw a local resident named Farah who had come for recreation as well was drowning. Qalib and Vicky jumped into the river to rescue her. Farah and her cousin were saved but both boys drowned in the river and lost their lived in the attempt to do so.

After a one hour rescue operation, the dead bodies were recovered. Local Pastor Nasir Iqbal led the funeral prayers. He mentioned that by this heroic act, and by giving up their own lives to save a drowning girl, Qalib and Vicky have proven that the Christian Community is full of love and the passion to sacrifice.

When the dead bodies of Qalib Ghori and Viky reached their home town Chota Sher Singh Wala, it was a moment of deep sorrow.

The dead bodies were taken to their home town for burial where friends and family said goodbye to Christian youth Qalib and Vicky with immensely heavy hearts