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Two churches of America join hands to help All Saints Church thrive again


All Saints Church

Two churches in La Crosse, Wisconsin, United States, have joined hands to help Christians persecuted in Pakistan and fund the All Saints Church in Peshawar.

According to details, two churches in La Crosse have started a campaign to extend help to the All Saints Church in Peshawar Christians being persecuted in Pakistan. The two churches which are collaborating to launch this campaign are the Christ Episcopal Church in La Crosse and First Free Church in Onalaska.

Both the parishes are taking on a task of raising fund for the All Saints Church, in Peshawar. In this regard, Father Patrick Augustine from Christ Episcopal Church in La Crosse, said “The message of Jesus Christ is love, forgiveness, mercy, and compassion. It’s that compassion, love and hope they believe can find its way to fellow Christians thousands of miles away.”

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Father Patrick Augustine has been keenly observing the growth of the All Saints Church since 40 years. He harbours a desire to encourage the congregation of the All Saints Church to live a Christ like life. It is because of this desire to encourage the devastated congregants of the All Saints Church that both parishes have initiated an alliance to raise funds for them. The fund raising is intended to help the congregants and the Church thriving.

On the other hand, Pastor Dave Konkol of First Free Church in Onalask says, “Even though they are a different culture, different community, nation on the other side of the world, they’re like us they’re our brothers and sisters they believe in the same God they worship the same God.”

“If you want to think of a place on the planet that’s the center or middle of a target for terrorism this is the place where that’s happening.” Congregants of both the churches have keen passion for their Christian brothers and sisters some 7,000 miles away from them.

The All Saints Church in Peshawar met with the Pakistan’s deadliest ever attack on the Christians in the country. On September 22, 2013; two suicide bombers targeted the church just when the congregants were filing out of the church into the courtyard after the Sunday service.

Twin blasts jolted the church and it’s surrounding within seconds, and more than 350 congregants lost their lives and uncountable sustained injuries. This was the deadliest attack on the Christians in Pakistan, in the country’s history. Soon after the attack, Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. The attack left numerous congregants traumatized.

One of the victims of the blasts Sarah Augustine said, “We lost too many loved ones, too many people like family to us. The journey after the blast has been very difficult. Just a couple of months ago there was a thunderstorm over here, some lightning and sounds, I was napping and a big sound and I woke up and I asked my husband, ‘oh my gosh was it a blast?'”