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Two Million Pakistani Christians Living Below The Line Of Poverty


PESHAWAR: By and large portion of Christians in Pakistan are living on the breadline, impoverished, deprived and often times sidelined at times owing to negligence of Christian leaders.

Pakistani Christians below the poverty line
Pakistani Christians below the poverty line

Pakistan today is abode of over 3 million Christians the majority being Catholic living in grimy slums and in inconceivable poverty.  The Pakistani Christians are scattered all over the country and live in the poorest areas they are forced to put up with some of the most terrible humanitarian crimes imaginable.  According to an estimate around 2 million of Christians in Pakistan end up below the poverty line.They are considered to be the lowest cast and at the most risk community facing great hardships on a daily basis.

One of the absolute reasons of financial drawback is neglect of education, which subliminally affects this hard hit portion of Christian community. Additionally most of these complain about lack of support from Churches and other Christian organizations. In this regard, a Pakistani Christian writes:
“Dear Respected

It’s a Pity to tell you about the poor conditions in which most of the Christian Community is living. Where they have the right to talk interact and present their problems to local Diocese or Bishops of their cities. But I must say that Most of the Bishops of Pakistan are more than Corrupt and busy making money and living their lives as Kings.


Bishop of Peshawar who is Illegal and challenged at court Mr.Hamphery peters, Mr. Sadiq Daniel , Bishop of Raiwand, Sialkot, Multan, Mardan, Karachi, Lahore.
Please have proper check and balance over them as the needy are suffering and no one concerns their problems.
Most of the Bishops are charged of something bad even at Local Courts of law.
Brave Soldier of God
Shahrukh Nelson”