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Two Pakistani Christians Set Free of False Murder Charges


Organization for Legal Aid (OLA), in Pakistan has productively attained the freedom of two Christian Pakistanis untruly blamed for murdering a Muslim.

freedom is everyones rigth


David Emanuel, a Christian, allowed Shaheen Kausar, a Muslim to live in his house as a paying guest in 1998. Shaheen produced a fake agreement in 1999, claiming she had bought the property from Emanuel, which led to a court case. Emanuel won the case in the trials and appellant stages, but was not capable to gain control over his property from Shaheen.


This was not the last part of Shaheen’s lies and allegations. After she had an affair, she and her paramour killed her husband in April 2009. Desperate to eventually claim possession of Emanuel’s land, she accused Emanuel and his two sons for her husband’s assassination. However, brother of Shaheen’s deceased husband give evidence that Shaheen and her lover—not Emanuel and his sons—were guilty for the brutal assassination. Furthermore, the inquiry officer also got no evidence to prove Emanuel and his sons guilty. Based on the inquiry report, the judge granted Emanuel and his sons bail.


After that, Shaheen filed a personal complaint against Emanuel and his sons. Once again supported on the inquiry report, the judge discharged her complaint in November 2009. Subsequent to her early defeat, Shaheen modified her complaint, and a higher court remanded the case so that it could proceed to trial. The case continued on, and in November 2011, Emanuel passed away (who was 75 years old that time).


Later in October 2013, Shaheen, expected her concluding failure and losing the property as well, began to look for a negotiation with Emanuel’s sons. Qisas (restitution) and Diyat (blood money) laws of Pakistan, permit relatives of executed victims to settle with assassins. Under the Diyat law, the sufferer’s family may receive compensation from the offender against actual punishment. While guiltless, Emanuel’s sons believed it best to accept Shaheen’s offer to settle and end the year’s long legal battle. Therefore, they agreed that if Shaheen would withdraw her case against them, they would sell their father’s home to Shaheen for half of its value.


The OLA began representing Emanuel and his sons in July 2009 and continued to aid them until they were released from criminal charges.  Moreover, OLA’s continuous representation led Shaheen to take back her complaint, allowing Emanuel’s two sons to be safe from further accusations or punishment for a crime they did not committed.