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Two Russians presumably killed by ISIS for refusing to renounce Christianity


Russian lawmaker speculates that two Russian Orthodox Christians, who had been earlier captured by Islamic State, were most likely killed by the militants. These two Christians were captured in Syria, after they refused to reject their Christian faith and embrace Islam.

Christians killed in Syria

The two Orthodox Christians identified as 39-year-old Roman Zabolotny and 38-year-old Grigory Tsurkanu were captured earlier this month. They were captured in Deir Ezzor, eastern city of Syria. Deir Ezzor is among last remaining strongholds of Islamic State in Syria. A video released by ISIS, showed that the men were wounded, as their limbs were tied.

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In this regard, a Russian MP Viktor Vodolatsky has stated that chances of their survival are marginal. “It is very sad but 99 percent Roman Zabolotny is not alive, nor is the second prisoner,” he stated. He went on to state that ISIS militants gave both of them a script to be recited in front of the camera.

“In this text they would reject their Orthodox religion, reject their motherland, become Muslim and join ISIS,” he stated adding that: “They stayed loyal to the Orthodox faith and their motherland until the very end, and this is what they were killed by those gangsters for.”

However so far, the Russian authorities have not officially confirmed about the death of both Christians. Furthermore, another Russian MP Anatoly Kotlyarov; who hails from Rostov-on-Don, home city of Zabolotny says that both of them have been killed by the militants. He said that he received confirmed report that both Christians were killed the day after the video was captured.

Anatoly Kotlyarov stated: “Unfortunately, this is true. Information was received that they were executed in a town square.” He said that his source of this confirmation is ‘trustworthy’ and ‘the person who told him about their execution has never been mistaken in four years of their cooperation. He said that his informer never fails especially in cases of information about the dead.