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U.N Experts Called Upon Pakistan to Stop Faith Based Killings


In Pakistan the troubles of Christians and other religious groups such as Hindus has been recently documented. But in the Muslim-majority country, a minority Islamic group is also facing discrimination says a report by U.N. experts.

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U.N experts called upon Pakistan to stop faith based killings of Muslim and religious minority groups

On Monday, United Nations experts on freedom of religion, minority issues, and summary executions want Pakistan to take on serious measures to stop faith-based killings. The experts have called upon Pakistan to guarantee the security of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, whose belief is forbidden in the country.

Furthermore, they also required the safety of other minority religious groups such as Christians and Hindus. About 96 percent of Pakistan’s 196 million people are Muslims (90 percent Sunni).
The rights experts’ call came after new violent attacks against Ahmadiyya Muslims in Pakistan, in which two members, a 65 years old in police station and a cardiologist, of the community have been killed along with a number of arrests on blasphemy charges.

Pakistan has about 3.6 million Christians accounting for about 2 percent of the population, and Christian communities also being targeted, killed and charged under alleged blasphemy cases.
These attacks on the Ahmadiyya Muslims are believed to be related to their choice and peaceful practice of religious beliefs.

“I am very concerned by the recent surge of violent attacks against Ahmadiyya Muslims by militant extremists. Such violence is fueled by existing blasphemy legislation in Pakistan particularly targeting minorities,” the Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief, Heiner Bielefeldt, said.

He added, “I urge Pakistan to guarantee the right to freedom of religion or belief of members of minority religious communities.”

Bielefeldt has in other reports spoken out about the rights of Christian and other religious minorities and he talked about blasphemy laws that carry the death sentence are often used by Muslims in communities to settle personal quarrels.

According to the U.N report, seven members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community were reportedly killed in 2013. And two recent killing of Ahmadi men grabbed the attention of U.N experts and hence they called upon Pakistan to ensure security of Muslim minority groups.