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U.S. has done nothing about ISIS kidnapping hundreds of Christians says a Syrian Priest


Air strikes against ISIS

US air campaign has against ISIS has had little effect on the terror group as compared to the Russian air blitz, a Syrian priest says.

According to details, a Syrian priest Msgr. Jacques Behnan Hindo, from archieparchy Syrian Catholic Hassaké-Nisibis, while referring to witnesses of people abiding in hard hit areas says that US air strikes have least real effect on the jihadist group. He said, conversely, Russian air campaign recently has compelled the jihadist group to retreat.

“Moscow’s intervention has been positive, because they are really targeting Daesh and the militia are beginning to flee. They fled from the area in about 20 cars in a hurry in the direction of Iraq, leaving another 20 cars on site. A sign of a real retreat,” he claimed.

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However, his own life is at risk as his dwelling is close by the terror group’s stronghold. “I am less than three kilometres from the town – he says – a month ago their offensive was repelled and they folded around the city. In the past two weeks, thanks to the attacks of the Russians, they began to retreat. ”

Seeing recent developments and constant ignorance of the plight of the Syrians from the International community, he houses grudges against the United States. He claimed that the U.S. led campaign is not actually against the jihaidst group but in reality targeting the Syrian government instalments.

He strongly criticised haziness displayed by the American’s attitude during the abduction of hundreds of Assyrian Christians from the villages of the valley of the river Khabur. “On the night of Feb. 23, when Daesh attacked, the American planes flew over the area for a long time without intervening. Then for three days we saw no more jets, leaving the field open to the militants. This makes us think that in some way have been helped by the Americans and their ambiguous attitude”.

“They have executed three and they are preparing another three for an upcoming execution. At first they demanded a huge sum for the liberation, almost 120 thousand dollars for each of 203 people. They have rejected the proposal of a million for the release of all, has now been made a new proposal and we are waiting for an answer. ”

He continued to reveal that ISIS “In recent days have released an elderly man of 89 was released to break the news of the execution and hand over the video that was shot around 23 September.”

“It’s not about being for or against the government, but people never believed in America’s attacks. Only the Kurds have really fought on the ground, but to hold their ground “and it is not plausible that they can, alone, solve the emergency,” he maintained.