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U.S. Led Coalition Drop Nearly 5,000 Bombs On ISIS Hideouts In Iraq And Syria


U.S.-led aircrafts have dropped nearly 5,000 bombs in the air blitz against ISIS jihadists in Iraq and Syria.

US led coalition  pounds ISIS
US led coalition pounds ISIS

According to Pentagon reports, the recent air strikes damaged or destroyed more than 3,000 targets including ISIS tanks. The latest figures released by the U.S. military give an indication of expansion of the air campaign against ISIS. The figures also reveal that ISIS has hundreds of armoured and other sophisticated vehicles at its disposal.

According to the statistics from the Pentagon, eversince coalition air raids started in Iraq in August and in Syria in late September, U.S. and allied aircraft have struck 58 tanks, 184 Humvee armoured vehicles, 303 pickup trucks, 26 armoured vehicles and 394 other vehicles..

Spokesman Colonel Steven Warren told reporters: “I’m confident the destruction level is high.” However, U.S. military officers could not say how many of the targets were damaged or destroyed. Moreover, it is also unclear how many tanks or other vehicles the ISIS group still has at its disposal.