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U.S. State Department ignoring persecuted Christians of Syria


Syrian Christians

U.S. State Department allegedly turning its back on Christians persecuted in Syria while opening doors for the Muslim refugees hailing from the war struck Syria.

It has been alleged that the U.S. State Department is intentionally turning blind eye to the plight and persecution of religious minorities in Syria especially the Christians. However, the Muslim refugees from the country are welcomed and are housed in the U.S.

According to a report, since internal conflicts have started effecting Syria, America has accepted only 53 Syrian Christians as refugees. Moreover, only one Yazidi refugee, less than 10 Bahais and Zoroastrian refugees were allowed into the U.S. on refugee status.

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It has been speculated that in these few years, U.S. has admitted only few non-Muslim refugees from Syria. The reason being, America’s dependence on a United Nation’s refugee resettlement program. This program of refugee resettlement by United Nation works out a disproportionate ratio between taking in Muslim refugees and the non-Muslim refugees.

Over the years the refugee quota was relatively small, however, in recent times, President Obama has beefed up the refugee intake and majority of these refugees would be Muslim. Under the new ratio of refugee to be allowed in, no balance has been maintained between Muslim and non-Muslim refugees.

Every year, a report is prepared over the public records of the U.S. State Department. These reports clearly mark an obvious discriminatory ratio of Muslim refugee versus the non-Muslim refugee allowed in the country. According to some statistics, Syria’s largest non-Muslim religious minority- Christians have fled the country in large numbers.

Before the civil war started in the country, there were about 10% Christians in Syria, however, in 2003 there were only 2.3% Christians left. Now, seeing the extreme anti-Christian violence by the terror group ISIS, there are only a few Christians left in Syria.

Seeing such large number of Christians in the country, Syrian Christians qualify for an according ratio for the refugees to b taken in the U.S. Instead, Christians and other religious minorities in Syria are finding it hard to get into the U.S. via the U.N. process.

In keeping with a recent UNHCR record, about 19,000 Syrians were selected straight from “refugee camps in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan” and received U.N. approval for resettlement in the U.S. Currently, these selected refugees are waiting to be resettled in America.

Last month, the U.S. President Obama directed this process to be stepped up. These refugees are predominantly Muslims, while no Christians have been considered. A former Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey said, that Syria’s non-Muslim communities are being “left at the bottom of the heap.”