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(UCH)- A Neglected Christian Hospital Of Lahore


United Christian Hospital, situated in Liberty Road close Park Palaza Gulberg 3, Lahore, now to a great degree in an awful condition and losing its glory, According to the sources the hospital has has reached the point that many of its areas have been closed. There was a time when people can see its cross that used to be lit up with neon on Main Boulevard, Gulberg. It was glorious and excellent taking at that time, having American nurses and doctors and was a great training hospital for Christian community. But now the condition is totally absolutely change.

(UCH)- A Neglected Hospital Of Lahore

After the creation of Pakistan, UHC is ideal and well known Hospital of Pakistan. Prestigious personalities of Pakistan took birth in this United Christian Hospital. The historically important incident is also linked with the hospital. In Ziaul Haq era when Begum Nusrat Bhutto was tortured by police outside Gaddafi Stadium and his head burst in aftereffect of theft allegation, he was brought experiencing treatment here. These days, it is almost non-functional except for one or two departments, due to lack of good doctors and other resources. Good doctors don’t join UCH because of poor facilities.


Its seems that Donors or funding agencies especially Methodist Church and Presbyterian Church in USA are no more interested in this hospital, because their missionaries were ill-treated by the members of the UCH Employees’ Union in 1976-77 according to the sources.

New Board of Directors, current administrative staff (Administrator, Medical Director and Deputy Medical Director) is young and energetic was proposing recommendations for the change of the hospital several times, however this reference did not come to perceive any advance. It was once the renowned hospital of the city, anonymous today. Christian community of the city has requested the concerned administration to pay attention to this heritage.

It could be source of a lot of new Jobs and training for lab and X-rays and other medical fields. New efforts could increase the income, and salaries of existing staff. Its improvement will be also raise the name of Christian community in the city of Lahore.