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Uganda: A mob of 90 sexually assaults 15 Christian women in a church


Recently, a mob of 90 people stormed a church in Uganda and sexually assaulted 15 Christian women from the congregation. This attack came as reprisal to the allegations that the pastor of the church had converted Muslims to Christianity. The incident took place Katira church in eastern Uganda.

Attack on church in Uganda

The mob tied up the Christians men and beat them afterwards they raped 15 of the Christian women. The mob struck because the pastor of the Katira church Reverend Moses Mutasa had converted Muslims to Christianity. The mob also carried off the pastor and either other men from the congregation while they severely damaged the church property.

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An eye witness who managed to escape from the church while the attack was perpetrated stated that one of the attackers shouted, “Away with the pastor who is converting our Muslims to Christianity.” After the attack, the mob left leaflets accusing the pastor of converting Muslims and threatened of further attacks in case the practice was not seized.

On January 15, when the attack unfolded a prayer service was going on inside the church, and there were about 50 Christian men and 30 women in the church. The mobsters locked the doors of the church and started beating men afterwards assaulted women.

The pastor and the eight other congregants who were abducted by the mobsters are still missing. “We do not know what has happened to our pastor, Moses Mutasa. He might have been killed or has been kept hostage,” said Reverend Musa Mukenye, who is overseer of many churches in the area.

When the attack unfolded about half the congregants escaped from the church before the assailants locked the doors. However, the attackers were also stationed outside the church who beat men and sexually assaulted the women. An elder of the church said, “Women’s clothing was found inside and outside the church building.” Police arrived at the scene after two hours when the incident had occurred.