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Uganda: A policeman killed for converting to Christianity


Christians in Uganda

A former Muslim who converted to Christianity brutally killed in Uganda.

According to details, a 43-year-old, Ugandan police personnel namely Ismail Kuloba, converted to Christianity from Islam. Reportedly, Ismail received an urgent call from an unknown person to resolve a dispute over land. H arrived at the location to find about 20 people who had gathered there waiting for him to arrive, and when he did arrive they killed him.

According to a local Christian, “”They saw that Ismail had become an apostate.” A person who had witnessed this attack said that one of the attackers began throwing stones at Ismail Kuloba’s head. “Ismail fell down, and the same man picked up his gun and fired two gunshots at his head, and he died there while the other Muslims were shouting, ‘Allah Akbar [God is greater],'” he said.

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The Christian who narrated this incident further said, “We need prayers, as the Muslims are out to destroy people who converted to Christ in this area, especially those of us who have sacrificed to share the love of Christ to our fellow Muslims. We shall continue becoming the voice of the persecuted church, and the work of God will eventually emerge victorious against the evil forces of darkness.”

After this incident, the local Christians have retaliated by burning down the house of a Muslim who was allegedly involved in this attack. And there are threats that there may be a reprisal from the Muslims which will lead to consequent retaliation and further bloodshed.

“A local Muslim who lives close by said, ‘You converted our people to Christianity, and now your time has come for you to receive the punishment of Allah.””