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Uganda: A young girl nearly killed by her Muslim father for converting to Christianity


Ugandan Christians

A young girl in Uganda, severely beaten by her father for converting to Christianity from Islam.

In keeping with details, a young girl namely, Namusisi Birye from a Muslim background embraced Christianity when she attended an evangelist event in the area. The news of her conversion spread rapidly and reached her father also.

Reports have this that when Namusisi Birye, reached home, her father severely beat her for converting to Christianity. “My father had a wooden stick and started beating me as I entered the house,” she said. Her father was furious over her conversion, and intended to kill her.

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“As my mother was about to beat me also, the local council chairman, who was on his way to his home in Buluba, arrived and rescued me. Soon some neighbours who are Christians also arrived.”

When she started screaming as a result of bashing, her neighbours arrived at her home and local church leaders also arrived at her house. Namusisi Birye’s parents were both insisting that she must die because she has become an apostate now. “Our daughter must be killed according to Islam, because she has become apostate. She can never be our daughter again,” her father said, according to a pastor who was present at the scene.

However, under the pressure of neighbours the parents of Namusisi Birye refrained from killing her and instead settled down by disowning her. While, chairman of local council Mutaana Paul, agreed to give Namusisi Birye shelter into his home. “I then decided to take the girl to my house, and she is now recuperating after being disowned by her parents. As long as the parents do not raise any further complaints, I will continue helping the girl with the hope that some good Samaritans will be touched to help her,” he said.

Previously, the evangelistic event in which Namusisi Birye, had accepted Christianity was interrupted by a mob of enraged Muslims when a local Muslim leader went to stage to be prayed for and became a Christian. He now remains in hiding, as there are sever threats to his life as well.