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Uganda: Parents torture and disown children calling them “Infidels” after they convert to Christianity


Parents beat their children, after they convert to Christianity. In compliance with details, eight children in a Ugandan village, Busalamu were subjected to torture by their families after the news of their conversion to Christianity spread. Their families disowned them, saying they were now infidels, because they had converted to Christianity.

Christian converts in Uganda

According to a Christian persecution watchdog these eight children hailed form four different families. These children were cast away from their houses by their families. Moreover the pastor who facilitated these eight children to accept Lord Jesus Christ, is now being threatened by the fanatics. These children who had converted age between 9 to 16 years of age.

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The 29-year-old pastor from the Power Gates Church, assisted these eight children, his church was also attacked by the furious families. The families in collaboration with locals burned down gate of the Power Gates’ Church. They threatened the pastor not to hold church services in the locality ever again.

Pastor is now conducting church service at a location about 6 kilometers away from his church. “Your church activities will not be tolerated in this area. If you do not leave our village, then we shall soon come for your life,” an enraged man threatened pastor.

After the children informed their families about their newly found faith, they were beaten severely and were ordered not to attend church services in future. “The parents have totally disowned them as infidels. They need prayers to come to terms with the separation from parents for choosing Christ,” the pastor stated.