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UK: A formerly Muslim family which converted to Christianity are facing harassment


Nisar Hussain

A Christian family which converted from Islam are facing persecution, as their neighbours chant slogans calling the “blasphemers.”

This Asian in UK was reportedly driven out of their home when they converted to Christianity. Their car was badly damaged by their neighbours. Agitated Muslims attacked them in the streets. However, despite being informed about the incident, the police is reluctant to act in accordance with the hate crime. Nisaar Husain, his wife Kubra Hussain and their six children have been targeted the second time, as the family claims Muslims have driven them out of their house the second time. Nisar Hussain hails from Pakistan and belongs to a prominent Muslim family. He has seven brothers and four sisters who live in the same street as there’s.

It was back in 1996, when the family embraced Christianity, since ten they have been facing hatred from their former community. The Christian family also revealed that since they are being attacked by their Muslim neighbours on the streets, daughters are harassed and so the Christian family is in reality housebound in these circumstances.

49-year-old, Nisar Hussain who is a nurse by profession, says windscreens of his car were repeatedly smashed by his Muslim neighbours, they hurl eggs at them. However, he has quit his job seeing the situation in his neighbourhood. He said, since they converted to Christianity their Muslim neighbours think they have committed blasphemy. Nisar Hussain was diagnosed with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder and is unable to work.

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However, the police have not provided any protection to this family what so ever, this is not enough the police have disinclined to treat Nisar’s complain under religious discrimination or hate crime law.Nisar Hussain says the ploice has disappointed him as despite several complains and a formal complain filed with the Independent Police Complaints Commission no assistance has been given them. The family has been trouble ever since Nisar Hussain appeared in documentary about Muslims converting to Christianity.

This case was first reported in the British newspaper The Daily Mail in 2005 when the family accused Muslims of running a drive of ethnic discrimination against them. However just a year later they tried to avoid further ordeal by moving to another area of Bradford however this relocation idea did not work well for them. Nonetheless, Nisaar also is not happy with the Anglican Church for not being able to provide any substantial support.

Nisar Hussain

In March this year, a man attacked his wife, when Nisar Hussain tried to save his wife from the assailant. The attacker threatened and confronted his wife. Police was called in and Nisar Hussain was also arrested and spent 12 hours in police custody and that without any charge.

Nisar Hussain further revealed that his children attend a school where majority of children were Muslims. He said his children had to face abuse on daily bases. His daughters were bullied, one of his daughters, he tells, was told by her friends, “Our parents say we mustn’t mix with you because you are a convert. She was heartbroken and made to feel like an alien.

Since the situation is worsening day by day the family is planning to move from their home city Bradford to a ‘white English’ area where they can escape the hate campaign from Muslims. “Our lives have been sabotaged and this shouldn’t happen in the United Kingdom. We live in a free democratic society and what they are doing to us is abhorrent,” Nisar Hussain said.