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UK: A Pakistani Christian who had converted from Islam brutally beaten with a cricket bat


Nissar Hussain

A Pakistani who had converted to Christianity from Islam brutally beaten by three unknown assailants.

Nissar Hussain, who had converted to Christianity in 1996, along with his wife Kubra and brought up his five children as Christians. Despite living in the UK, the family is facing severe persecution from Muslim family members and Muslim neighbours.

Although they have been facing hostility ever since they converted but a recent episode of persecution took place on November 17, Tuesday when Nissar drove his car to a nearby police station. It has been his routine to park his car in the Police Station’ car parking area since attackers had smashed his previous cars on several occasions.

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It was about 5:00 pm when he left his home for the police station. However, before he reached his car two unknown men approached him stepping out from a nearby parked car. While the third man remained in the car. When they approached Nissar; they started beating him brutally with a cricket bat.

The two attacked him from behind, also started kicking him and punched him in between. After a while a passer by spotted them, seeing the passer by they left Nissar and ran towards their car and fled. Meanwhile, Nissar had collapsed and fallen on the ground.

After violent beating, Nissar had sustained a fracture in kneecap, his left hand got fractured along with sever bruises all over his body. He was rushed to a hospital where he had to under go a surgery owing to the severity of his injuries.

Nissar and his family are facing persecution since fifteen years, which has left the family in a state of constant trauma. They are made to face verbal abuses from their neighbours who are bent on driving them away from the neighbourhood.

The persecuted family once had to face an arson attack as a result of which they had to relocate to another area. They had been intimidated, while at one occasion a mob gathered outside their house charging Nissar of fabricated accusations, Kubra and her daughters were threatened, several time attacked, people pelted stones at the windows of their house and unknown assailants smashing and damaging their cars several times.