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UK based Pakistani Christian convert flees home anticipating looming reprisal from fanatics


UK based Pakistani Christian convert Nissar Hussain flees along with his family in anticipation of an attack and life treats. British Pakistan Christian Association details that CID officers called on the Hussain family and informed them of an imminent threat to Nissar Hussain’s life. The family was later moved to a safe home under the auspices of BPCA.

Pakistani Christian converts

BPCA in its report stated that the police provided the Nissar family with “a phantom police car parked outside the home to thwart an attack. Despite the extreme anxiety the family felt the police informed them that they did not have the resources to provide 24 hour protection to the family and offered a temporary shelter.”

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Nissar informed BPCA of the incident, and were provided with immediate assistance to move to a safe home far away. The family was struck with great anxiety, BPCA reports. Despite the fact that Nissar Hussain and family have already been attacked by religious extremists for converting to Christianity, police have failed to provide them fool-proof security.

Their dilemma started when Nissar Hussain informed his long-term Muslim friend about his conversion to Christianity. Nissar’s secret was soon circulated among the local community which resulted in Nissar and his family being shunned by his fellows.

“For the last 7 years Nissar has had eggs thrown at his car and home, fireworks aimed at his house, he and his family have been targeted with abuse and violence, they have been shunned by many Muslims and had the windows of their vehicle smashed dozens of times – six times in 2015 alone costing thousands of pounds in repair costs,” BPCA report says.