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UK-based Pakistani Christians imbibe persecution of their fellow Christians in Pakistan: Masihi Awami Party-UK


In a statement, Masihi Awami Party-UK has expressed serious concerns for the beleaguered Pakistani Christians, maintaining that Pakistani Christians based in United Kingdom are connected with their brethren and share in their quandary. It was further stated that Pakistani Christians in the UK always stand beside them and will play their role in the betterment of their community.

Pakistani Christians based in the UK appeal for equal rights for their bretheren

Masihi Awami Party which was established and is led by Former MNA Emmanuel Zafar maintained that Pakistani Christians living in the UK are willing to go all out in order to support Christians back home. We are eager to raise our voice to highlight the plight of Christians in Pakistan. At the same time, MAP-UK expressed solidarity with the Pakistani Christians.

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MAP-UK maintains that they are always standing in support of Pakistani Christians backing them on legal and moral fronts. It has been reiterated that the MAP-UK will strive along Pakistani Christians in their struggle for equal rights. MAP-UK will do all it can at national and international levels to make the plight of Pakistani Christians noticed. It was stated that Masihi Awami Party is the sole active platform for raising the issues of Pakistani Christians in the United Kingdom.

On the other hand it has been stated by the United States Commission for International Religious Freedom that the situation of religious freedom is deteriorating in the country. “In 2015, the Pakistani government continued to perpetrate and tolerate systematic, ongoing, and egregious religious freedom violations. Religiously-discriminatory constitutional provisions and legislation, such as the country’s blasphemy law and anti-Ahmadiyya laws, intrinsically violate international standards of freedom of religion or belief and result in prosecutions and imprisonments.”