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UK: Christians stage a rally in favour of a Pakistani persecuted by Muslims for converting to Christianity


British Pakistani Christians

Christians from all over UK, assembled in Bradford to express support for the persecuted Pakistani Christian who had converted from Islam.

According to details, hundreds of Christians from all over UK, amassed at the Bradford Town Centre, on December 5, Saturday, in order to show solidarity with Nisar Hussain, a Pakistani who had converted to Christianity from Islam.

Nissar Hussain, who had converted to Christianity in 1996, along with his wife Kubra and brought up his five children as Christians. Despite living in the UK, the family is facing severe persecution from Muslim family members and Muslim neighbours.

Nissar and his family are facing persecution since fifteen years, which has left the family in a state of constant trauma. They are made to face verbal abuses from their neighbours who are bent on driving them away from the neighbourhood.

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A recent episode of his prolonged sufferings occurred on November 17, when two unknown assailants attacked him, while beating him severely with a cricket bat. Nisar Hussain was left severely injured with a fractured knee cap and a hand. He has been singled out on and off by Muslims for quitting Islam and embracing Christianity.

Nisar Hussain who has been facing this reprisal from Muslims because of converting to Christianity, from Shiite Muslim faith. He says that he is believed to be an apostate by his former family and Muslim neighbourhood. Only during the course of 2014, his car’s windscreen was smashed about six times, by unknown assailants. Moreover, his eldest son, who is student of final year in medical college, has had his car’s windscreen smashed once.

Apart form Christians, people from other faiths also assembled at the Bradford Town Centre. British Pakistani Christian Association organized this rally in collaboration with Muhammad Fayyaz who himself is a convert to Christianity from Islam.

However, Kubra wife of Nisar Hussain, his eldest son and the youngest daughter participated in this rally. Nissar Hussain could not attend this rally owing to his sever injuries from which he has not recovered fully.

“My family and I are humbled by the response of the British public. We now know we are not alone and thank everyone for their support, prayers and campaigning. I am sorry I could not join the peace rally but I was there in spirit and pray that this small action might bring a change in our situation,” Nissar Hussain said.