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UK Criticized For Denying Refuge To Christians Of Syria And Iraq Who Are Fleeing ISIS


No help from UK for the persecuted Christians of Iraq and Syria

British Prime Minister accused of ignoring Christians who are facing persecuted by the hands of ISIS.

According to reports, Church leaders have accused the British Prime Minister David Cameron of “turning his back” on Christians who are going through a genocide in Syria and Iraq by not offering them refuge in the UK.

A former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, has strongly criticised the British Government for failing to provide refuge to Christians who are trying to flee the militant group ISIS. In this regard, a petition is being launched urging the Government to “welcome Christian refugees and give them priority as asylum seekers”.

In recent times, the British Government has been facing sever criticism that UK is ignoring the plight of Christians being massacred by ISIS. Lord Carey said: “Syrian and Iraqi Christians are being butchered, tortured and enslaved. We need the British Government to work with charities like the Barnabas Fund and others to evacuate those who are in desperate fear of their lives.”

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In sharp contrast to the UK, 42 Christian families were facilitated to flee Syria and were flown to Poland where they were granted refuge. In coming days, more persecuted Christians will reach Czech Republic and Brazil, however, in view of that; the British Government has to this point refused all requests to transfer Christians in the UK.

On the other hand, Lord Weidenfeld, who fled Nazi-occupied Austria in 1938 with the help of British Quakers, said: “Why is it that the Poles and the Czechs are taking in Christian families and yet the British government stands idly by?

“This mood of indifference is reminiscent of the worst phases of appeasement, and may have catastrophic consequences. Europe must awake and the Conservative British Government should be leading from the front. Most European governments, especially those that are Christian explicitly or implicitly, are failing in their duty to look after their fellow Christians in their hour of need.”