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UK donates £2.7 billion annually to countries where Christians are persecuted


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Donations from the UK annually reaching countries where Christians are largely persecuted.

According to, The Telegraph, the taxpayers in the UK annually donate £2.7 billion aid to countries where Christians are subject to intense religious persecution in the world.

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In the wake of various reports about intensifying persecution of Christians across the globe, British Premier David Cameron said last year that Christianity is now the “most persecuted religion around the world.” He also said that Britain should be “unashamed” in standing up for religious freedom.

According to a study of the official aid statistics; four out of five countries listed on a global human rights watch list which are either involved in charting attacks or official suppression against Christians, receive donations from the overseas or through other international official agencies.

For the meantime Pakistan, which ranks eight in the recent list of countries where Christians are persecuted the most received almost £34 million as overseas aid.

In this regard, Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali- former Bishop of Rochester and President of Oxtrad which is a charity that supports churches facing persecution, says: “Britain’s commitment to aid is praiseworthy but we must make sure that it is directed properly to the right people in the right way.

I think we have to target it very carefully and where there is real need to make sure that aid is not being used simply to support British business or other interests and certainly to make sure that it is not being used to sustain corruption.”