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UK: No more Bible trivia questions to test Pakistani Christian converts seeking asylum


UK authorities had previously been using the Bible Trivia questions to test the Christian converts who had filed applications for asylum in the country. For this reason, Christian converts from countries like Pakistan, Iran and other Islamic countries being denied asylum in the UK because of the fact that they had not been able to answer the questions. In some cases, these vulnerable asylum seekers were even deported to their own countries where they were likely to face serious threats to their lives.

Pakistani Christian converts

The British authorities asked the Christian converts about Bible or Western Christian traditions and holidays. Reports emerged that the Christian convert asylum seekers were asked to name the Ten Commandments, list the books of the Bible or in some cases they were asked to explain what Easter is. It was claimed that these converts lack such knowledge because of not being able to have access to Bibles.

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Activists claim that due to this lack of access to Bibles authentic Christian converts might not be able to answer such questions, which may and land them in trouble after being denied asylum in the UK. Media reported about a Pakistani Christian convert, who had fled to the UK; fleeing persecution in his own country. He was reportedly persecuted by his own family for converting to Christianity was left with no other option but to flee for his life.

British Home Office denied asylum to that convert who was facing severe threats to his life. Moreover, the European Court of Human Rights also denied him asylum. He was finally, granted asylum after a period of more than five years, he was granted asylum in the UK.

After augmenting criticism, the UK Home Office has taken effective steps to deal with this problem. In this connection British Home Office has issued a new country guidance on Pakistan, with special focus on Christians and Christian converts.

This guidance addresses how caseworkers should analyze the asylum claims of Christian converts from Pakistan. Moreover, they are to refer to an “Asylum Policy Instruction” that instructs the caseworkers to remain focused on their assessments on the claimant’s own spiritual journey instead of his knowledge of Bible or religion.