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UK should recognize the persecution of Christians in Pakistan


Pakistani Christians

UK should acknowledge the fact that Christians are being persecuted on religious grounds in Pakistan.
According to details, a UK based NGO “Global Minorities Alliance” (GMA), has urged the British government to recognize the persecution of Christians in Pakistan while at the same time urging Britain to welcome these battered Christians in their country.

Global Minorities Alliance, has urged the European governments to provide the Pakistani Christians who are fleeing persecution; refuge and safe haven in Europe.
“Refugees and asylum seekers are risking their lives if they are sent home,” Global Minorities Alliance noted over the fact that some of the Pakistani Christian refugees face the danger of being deported.

Global Minorities Alliance in a letter sent to Fides has maintained that international conventions for example the one related to the civil and political rights are totally being ignored by the authorities.

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In this letter, Global Minorities Alliance highlighted the case of a Pakistani Christian couple “burned in brick kilns, or their homes were destroyed”, further expressing “concern for the safety of Religious minorities in Pakistan because of the political, economic and judicial situation, often used to target vulnerable minorities”.

Further inching towards the conclusion, the NGO, expressed hopes that the European countries need to recognize the pandemic which the Pakistani Christians have been grappling with. Global Alliance Ministries further urged that the European countries need to take some indispensable measures which would result in promotion of respect for religious freedom and religious minorities in Pakistan.

In addition to presenting several cases of Pakistani Christians being persecuted on religious grounds, Global Minorities Alliance closed with the case of two young Pakistani Christians, brother and sister, who arrived in the UK with a student visa, but later on filed an application requesting asylum on the basis of religious persecution in Pakistan. Global Minorities Alliance further revealed that the Pakistani Christians are now requesting for their asylum application to be accepted.