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UK should take part in air strikes against ISIS says British PM David Cameron


David Cameron

British Premier David Camron calls for air blitz against the terror group Islamic State in Syria.

In line with details, UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron has asserted that it is about time that Britain should take part in air strikes against Islamic State militants in Syria, while saying Britain cannot “subcontract its security to other countries.”

However, in this regard, Prime Minister David Cameron, needs to convince several MPs in his own Conservative Party at the same time few in the opposition Labour Party in order to muster support for his cause, if he wishes to win British parliament’s support for British forces’ military action against ISIS.

However, British Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee had disapproved to expand air strikes into Syria earlier this month. They said that exclusive of a clear strategy to overpower the ISIS militants and stop the civil war such action was “incoherent.”

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However, seeing as the terror group Islamic State had already claimed responsibility for the deadly attacks in Paris killing at least 130 people; some of the MPs who were previously indisposed to start on fresh air strikes in Syria have progressively felt more action was needed to guard Britain from such attacks.

In his response to the committee’s objections, PM Cameron wrote, “We do not have the luxury of being able to wait until the Syrian conflict is resolved before tackling ISIL (Islamic State).”

“It is wrong for the United Kingdom to sub-contract its security to other countries, and to expect the aircrews of other nations to carry the burdens and the risks of striking ISIS in Syria to stop terrorism here in Britain,” PM Cameron said.

To accomplish his purpose, PM Cameron will have to persuade MPs that extending the air strikes will not imply that Britain will become “an even greater target for attacks.” While on the other hand, ISIS militants targeted a Russian airliner soon after Russia launched air strikes in Syria.