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UK to succor persecuted Bangladeshi Christians


UK’s multi-million pound aid package for Bangladesh is believed to be used for safeguard Christians from terror groups like Islamic State. In line with details, UK has allocated more than £162 million for the Bangladeshi Christians, academics, liberal bloggers and other vulnerable groups safe from terrorists.

Christians persecuted in Bangladesh

Minister for Asia and the Pacific, Alok Sharma, said “And I’ve already mentioned the new program funded by the Magna Carta fund for human rights and democracy is promoting freedom of expression, and aims to protect those who exercise it.” Recently the terrorist outfits like Islamic State and Al Qaida had targeted Christians, Hindus and other minorities in Bangladesh, these attacks had left dozens dead.

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However, it is still unclear about how much of the £162 million aid package will be used for protecting Christians. There is an estimated Christian population of 828,000 Christians out of 162.9 million of total population in Bangladesh. Bangladesh ranks 35th in the World Watch list in terms of Christian persecution.

While remarking about Christian persecution in the country, Open Doors warns: “Despite declaring war on radical groups, Bangladesh’s government is known to give in to Islamic pressure. Christians remain at risk, particularly in rural areas where they face pressure from families and religious leaders.”