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UK Urged To Send Warplanes In Iraq


David Cameron has been urged to recall MPs to parliament to discuss whether the UK should send military assistance to the thousands of Iraqi Christians.

UK should get involved in air strikes
UK should get involved in air strikes

Lord Dannatt argued that military personnel may have to be deployed to Iraq to help target air strikes against Islamic State extremists properly.

Bournemouth West MP says, “I feel very strongly about this, I have been following this really closely for the last couple of weeks but having seen some of the images earlier I was quite seriously overcome. These are brother and sister Christians, and this is happening to them in no small part because of our record in Iraq. I feel very strongly that the Government’s response is not hard enough or strong enough.

“These people are being beheaded by people from IS, and our only response is to drop some food or water on them. I think the US and UK should be involved in air strikes.”