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UK: Vagrant asylum seekers from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Bangladesh and Eritrea welcomed at St Mark’ church


St Mark’s church in Stoke-on-Trent, UK sees a growing number of guests from Iran, Syria, Iraq, Bangladesh and Eritrea. The church provides lodging, food and clothes to the vagrant asylum seekers who have non where to go. Some of the refugees choose to get baptized into Christianity.

Refugees converting to Christianity

The church has been a safe haven to several asylum seekers, where they had been fed, clothed and looked after. The inimitable loving kindness is leading many of these guests to convert to Christianity. “Well, this is what I am meant to be doing,” Reverend Sally Smith from St Mark’s church says. “Our help that we offer is in no way related to converting them. The most important thing for me is for people to be able to pray in our church whatever their faith.”

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“Not everyone is doing it for asylum – they are doing it for peace and love,” says an Iranian refugee. Another 25-year-old, Iranian said that he was given a home and food by Rev. Smith and two months ago he was baptized. “I’ve always had a global outlook,” Rev Smith said, while adding that the church is currently housing 12 adult refugees and two babies.