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UK’s PM David Cameron urged to intervene in the looming execution of Ali Muhammad Al-Nimr


Ali Muhammad Al-Nimr

Saudi youth Ali Mohammed Baqir al-Nimr could be executed at any time by the Saudi authorities amid escalating worldwide outcry, British PM urged to get involved in this case.

According to media reports, Saudi lad Ali Mohammad Al-Nimr who was arrested in 2011 could be executed at any time by the authorities. Saudi authorities have pronounced him suitable for death and will crucify him before beheading him. At the age of 18, Al-Nimr was awarded death sentence by Saudi court over charges of participating in anti-government protests. He was arrestd when he was 17 and is 21-years-old now.

Saudi authorities argue that Al-Nimr was committed treason as he took part in anti-government protests in eastern Saudi Arabia in 2011. Al-Nimr was charged of a long list of crimes which include rioting, using petrol bombs against security patrols, robbing a pharmacy and many more. Saudi authorities also maintained that Al-Nimr had broken loyalty to the Saudi king, Salman. He would be beheaded in public as per the announcement from Saudi authorities.

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There has been ever increasing outcry over this ruling and looming execution of Al-Nimr, Human rights activists and leaders from around the world are raising voices against this case. According to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and Saudi Arabia is a signatory to this.

This UN charter prohibits capital punishment for offences committed by juvenile offenders who are under the age of 18. Al-Nimr was 18 years old when he was awarded death penalty by crucifixion. In line with the Saudi law, the punishment of crucifixion to which al-Nimr was sentenced is actually a beheading, followed by the public display of the body. This ruling is therefore against the UN laws and a violation of human rights as well.

The United Nations experts of human rights allege that Al-Nimr did not have a fair trial as he was tortured during his imprisonment and is awarded an unfair sentence. Human Rights activists are assembling all over the world to highlight his case and condemn Al-Nimr’s unfair trial. Various online campaigns are being launched to underline the brutal way of execution of Al-Nimr which could be employed by the Saudis.

Like many other international leaders, UK’s Jeremy Corbyn has urged British Premier David Cameron to look into Al-Nimr’s case. Jeremy Corbyn who is leader of Labour party mentioned Al-Nimr in the beginning of party conference speech. Jeremy Corbyn urged PM David Cameron to look into this case and intervene so that Al-Nimr’s execution could be halted.