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UN Secretary General praises Pope Francis for his leadership for peace and humanity


Ban Ki-moon

UN Secretary General praises Pope Francis while talking with the Vatican Radio.

The Vatican Radio reports that the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon lauded Pope Francis saying, “Pope Francis is a man of humility and humanity, and he is a man of moral voice, and purpose.” This interview comes before Pope Francis’s visits to the United States at the end of this month.

“We are looking forward with great excitement to His Holiness, Pope Francis’ visit to the United Nations,” UN Secretary General said adding, “I’m grateful for his compassionate leadership for peace and humanity.”

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Ban Ki-Moon was talking with Paolo Mastrolilli, who is US correspondent for Vatican Radio. During this conversation, Ban Ki-Moon also addressed the current refugee crisis in the Mediterranean basin causing massive outpouring of refugees into Europe. Other topics under discussion were persecution of minorities, climate change, sustainable development, and international political and security issues.

Moreover, UN Secretary General urged all the European leaders to enhance their labours to facilitate and receive migrants and refugees, saying, “I commend the leadership and global solidarity the European leaders are showing, but at the same time, in view of the gravity and the scale of this crisis, I would naturally expect that European leaders should do more.”

While reflecting on the issue of ongoing conflicts in Syria and persecution of religious and ethnic minorities, particularly the sufferings of Christians throughout the entire Middle East, he said, “There should be no such discrimination against anybody on the basis of any criteria of religion or ethnicity – and it is totally unacceptable to persecute, to discriminate against people on the basis of their beliefs – on the basis of who you love, what you believe.”

He also said, “Migrants and refugees should be treated humanely, responsibly, under the international refugee convention, international humanitarian laws, and international human rights laws.”

What is more, the UN Secretary-General reiterated his appeal to the European nations, mainly, to show tolerant and compassionate leadership. “Therefore, I am urging European leaders again that they should open borders and provide necessary, life-saving humanitarian assistance: we have to show the compassion to these people.”