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UN Sharply Criticizes Sri Lanka For Deporting Pakistani Asylum Seekers


United Nations High Commission for Refugees criticizes Sri Lanka for deporting the Pakistani Asylum seekers.

UNHCR slams Sri Lanka for deporting Pakistani asylum seekers
UNHCR slams Sri Lanka for deporting Pakistani asylum seekers

The UN refugee agency sharply accused Sri Lanka of violating international law in its extended operation of deporting Pakistani asylum seekers without a fair hearing.
Adrian Edwards- spokesperson for the UN high commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) said, “Fundamentally, this is a breach of the principle of no forced returns. That’s a clear violation of international law. We are very concerned at the continued deportations that are happening. We want deportations stopped. Some of the latest deportees had their passports and asylum-seeker certificates seized last week. They were told to go to Colombo airport, where they were placed on flights to Pakistan.
Sri Lanka has deported 88 Pakistanis including 11 women and 8 children since August 1, regardless of their claims that they could be at risk in their homeland, he clarified.