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Unfaltering belaboring spree: Police dishonorably tortures a Christian girl in public, threatens to gun down her in an encounter


A Christian girl subjected to inhumane torture by the police in public. The incident took place in Lahore’ Haji Park, Taj Pura area where extremists were furious after a Muslim woman eloped with a Christian man namely Bahadur. After the couple eloped, the local Muslims had intimidated the family of Bahadur and local Christians threatening to kidnap Christian girls and burning them alive.

Extremists threaten to burn Christians alive

Purportedly, the woman who had eloped with Bahadur, was already married and a mother of two. After she absconded, her Muslim husband registered a police complaint against the family of Bahadur, and other Christian residents maintaining that they had abducted his wife.

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The Christian girl namely Shagufta who endured the humiliation in public as she was tortured by male police personnel in a market place is sister of Bahadur. Male constables stormed into Bahadur’ house and arrested Shagufta, after dragging her out of the house, they slapped her publicly. The girl was hooked by male constables which is a downright violation of law, as lady constables are authorized to deal with and arrest females. She was detained in Shad Bagh Police Station.

Moreover, the police have threatened the Christians of Taj Pura to present the woman back to her husband or else, they would gun down Shagufta sister of Bahadur and the entire family in a fake encounter. Formerly, the agitated Muslims of the neighborhood had already hurled threats of burning 13 people of Bahdur’ family alive in a reprisal to dishonoring the Muslims.

Christian activist and anchorperson Saleem Iqbal has raised serious concerns over the police rampage against Christians, as he whined over the incident of sacrilegious riot at Fazalia Colony Church, and humiliation of a pastor by head constable. He questioned that on what grounds did the male constables arrested a female citizen when the law prescribes this duty to female constables. He said that according to the law, senior citizens and girls are not to detain in lock ups, however, Shagufta was kept in a lock up at Shad Bagh police station.

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