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United States urged to pass the ‘Save the Christians from Genocide Act’


A humanitarian Jacqueline Isaac, vice president of a humanitarian group Roads of Success, has highlighted the plight of the persecuted Christians across the globe especially in the Middle-East. In the specific region, a systematic genocide of Christians is being carried out by the terror group ISIS and others.

Genocide of Christians in Middle East

In recent times, Jacqueline Isaac delineated the plight of Christian and Yazidi minorities in the Middle East when she was invited at the Congressional Affairs Sub-Committee. She was invited specifically to give accounts of the persecution she had witnessed, so as to highlight the genocide of Christians and Yazidis.

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For this reason, testimonies from persecuted Christians and Yazidis were documented so as to chalk out the “Save Christians from Genocide Act (H.R. 4017’ which is proposed by Republican Dana Rohrabacher. The bill “recognizes that Christians and Yazidis in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Iran, and Libya are targets of genocide [and if passed] The Department of Homeland Security shall provide for expedited visa processing and shall ensure that such applications receive first priority among refugee and (family- or employment-based) immigrant applications for an alien who [among other items] is a Christian or Yazidi.”

Previously in the last year Jacqueline narrated the horrors of life under the rule of ISIS, during a hearing held by the House Foreign Affairs Committee and in April she spoke at a UN convention and anticipated recognition of massacres of Christians and Yazidis as genocide by the United Nations. “I went to Egypt and I met the families, 15 of the 21 families that had victims that were slaughtered in Libya. I was astonished by their faith,” she said while explaining the faith of persecuted Christians.