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United States urged to provide shelter to aggrieved Pakistani Christian asylum seekers


As an alarming number of Pakistani Christians land into predicament after they poured into Thailand. There are much calls for the U.S. to allow Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in, as they are languishing in other destinations such as Thailand, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. Worsening plight of Pakistani Christians seeking asylum in abroad is a shaping into a crisis.

US urged ot help Pakistani Christians

In this regard, President of a humanitarian group Christian Freedom International (CFI) is urging the U.S. to take note of the plight of Pakistani Christian asylum seekers. CFI President Jim Jacobson maintains that Unites States should consider admitting people who are facing dire situations and “who share Americans’ values and are America’s friends in the fight against terrorism.”

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It is believed that thousands of Pakistani Christians are stuck in countries like Thailand, where they are forced to lead lives miserable than before. After arriving in the country, anticipating a safe haven, their hopes soon turned into grim realities when they were given a cold shoulder from the United Nations.

Left high and dry in a country which is unrelentingly rigid towards refugees, majority of them were hooked by the Thai authorities, and eventually end up in notorious detention centers. As stories emerged later, these Pakistani Christians are forced to lead lives worse than animals in the detention centers.

On the other hand, United States Commission for International Religious Freedom in its annual report states: “Pakistan’s religious freedom environment has long been marred by religiously-discriminatory constitutional provisions and legislation, including its blasphemy laws. For years, the Pakistani government has failed to protect citizens, minority and majority alike, from sectarian and religiously-motivated violence. Pakistani authorities also have failed to consistently bring perpetrators to justice or take action against societal actors who incite violence.”

“Promoting respect for freedom of religion or belief must be an integral part of U.S. policy in Pakistan, and designating Pakistan a CPC (Country of Particular Concern) would enable the United States to more effectively press Islamabad to undertake needed reforms,” USCRIF recommended in its report.