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United we win, Divided We Fall: Shamim Masih


Shamaim Masih, a bustling Human Rights champion; currently working as stringer for different national and international news organizations, based in Islamabad, Shamim is a Christian by faith and an active human rights activist working for a democratic, tolerant and progressive social order and for socio economic and political rights of religious minorities especially for Christians of Pakistan.

Christian Human Rights Activist -Shamim Masih
Christian Human Rights Activist -Shamim Masih


Shamim Masih, earned his graduate degree from “University of the PunjabLahore” and prior to an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) from APCOMS. 


” I have devotedly served in the field of human rights during the last decade and have been raising their issues, persecutions, and rights through my writings, without any support. My aim is to create peaceful environment in the society and to help eliminate Christian persecution through my writing as I bring the plight of these brave people under the spotlight of the whole world.” says Shamim Masih


Answering a question about how he analyzes the condition of Pakistani Christians he said:


“Well, I feel Pakistani Christians are struggling for their survival in the country. During the recent years, uninterrupted attacks have made the young generation antagonistic and I am doubted that if Pakistani government couldn’t handle the extremist group sensibly it may be able to create problem for the stability of the country.”    


 In an answer to the main drawbacks of Christians in Pakistan he said:


     “I feel that main cause is education and Pakistani Christian’s own institutions are not supporting them, which pathetic situation. Pakistani Christians have been struggling and due to the lack of resources there are so many talented youngsters who couldn’t go for higher education.”


He went on saying that:

    “Secondly there should be number of technical institutions, if we can produce skilled force in this generation even, at least we can expect better generation next.”


  “Lack of better job opportunity is the next cause, luckily if our young generation is able to get good education, they wouldn’t be able to have jobs”.   


 “And then is unity, I feel until or unless Pakistani Christians are not tie in one knot for their rights, they wouldn’t be able to have their rights.”


He expressed a deep concern for the immediate need of Pakistani Christians saying:


“I feel immediate need is UNITY, “united we win, divided we fall.”


In the end he concluded by requesting Christian community of Pakistan, saying:

“I request all Pakistani Christians to stand in unity for their cause leaving any individual interest fight for mutual interests. It’s time to stand against discriminatory laws and to take stand against discrimination in the society based on faiths. All hate material in the syllabus needs to be change, and we need to educate our youth.”