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Unknown assailants gun down father of a Christian girl forcibly converted after abduction


Gulzar Masih father of a Christian abductee gunned down by unknown assailants, as they leave him in critically wounded. The victim of abduction and was eventually forced into marriage with her abductor Ghulam Hussain; resulting in forced conversion. Gulzar Masih who sustained critical injuries is now being treated in a local hospital as he dwindles between life and death.

Christian girl forced to convert in Pakistan

Gulzar Masih had been targeted by acronyms assailants as his daughter Shireen (her real name is withheld) had managed to break away from her captor’s custody. She was abducted about four to five months ago by her neighbor Ghulam Hussain; the police was reluctant to register an FIR against him.

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After her return to her house, she was living with her Christian family while the abductor Ghulam Hussain continued to harass and pester the Christian family to return the girl to him as she was his wife. The girl showed unwillingness to return to Ghulam Hussain and was therefore granted permission from a local court to live with her Christian family.

Reports have it that despite the fact, that court had allowed the girl to stay with her father, the police and clerics had been pressurizing Gulzar Masih to return the girl to Ghulam Hussain. The abductor had threatened him of dire consequences if he would not return the girl to him. Ghulam Hussain claimed that the girl had converted to Islam and was therefore not eligible to live with Christians.

The situation becomes austere for the victim and her family after her father Gulzar Masih was gunned down for protecting her. The abductor continues to hurl threats at the Christian family despite the fact that there is no legislation binding any convert not to live with his/her family.