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Unrest in Lahore over the protests against Badami Bagh Incidence


The Police paralyze Lahore, after clashes between the protestors and police.

Lahore Protests
Lahore Protests

As the Christian community turned out in huge numbers, to register their protest against the attack on the houses and properties of the Christian residents of Joseph Town-the city translated a battle ground. The fuming protestors blocked the roads in retaliation, consequently curbing the movement of the Metro Bus service.

The Lahore police, charged several protestors, while many were arrested on account of damaging public property.  The protestations busted forth in various areas of the city on Sunday. The residents of Yuhanabad, made a demonstration carrying play cards and banners blocking traffic on Ferozepur Road. The agitated protestors chanted slogans against the Government of Punjab.

The situation was worsen when the police tried to disperse the mob, by pelting stones at them when they stormed the central track of the Metro service; halting its operation.

“We have no way but to protest in the present scenario because we feel insecure after the burning of our homes in Joseph Colony,” Johnson, one of the protesters, said. Another protestor accused the police to provoke the protestors in violence.

The local Christian leaders held a peaceful demonstration outside the Lahore Press Club (LPC).  Pastor Javaid Anwar, Peter Gull, Aslam Pervaiz Sahotra and other leaders said the violence committed against Christians in Lahore had proved the Punjab government’s failure to guard the minorities.