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Unwilling to Pay Usury: A Christian Family Hooked in False Police Case


LAHORE: A Christian man extorted by loan sharks, thus disintegrating the poor Christian family.


Hidden interest ensnaring Riaz Masih
Hidden interest ensnaring Riaz Masih

Riaz Masih, resident of Lahore approached the National Director of LEAD- Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill, counting on the organization for help and assistance.


Riaz Masih, begged for help; as he went on to tell that he worked as a sanitary worker while he began to unfurl his heart-rending tale covering past four years of his life.



He unfolded, that he is father of three sons and two daughters, and lived in Lahore. It was in the year 2009, when he booked a TV and a TV trolley on instalments from the shop of Asghar Ali Rubani; worth 44,000 Rupees. At that time, Riaz was not told about the interest he was to be charged later on. Riaz went on disclose that he had paid 44,000 Rupees; the amount due well within the scheduled period of time, but to his amazement he was asked to pay a lump sum of 200,000 Rupees in addition to the actual amount as an interest. In the aftermath, Asghar Ali Rubani, kept forcing and harassing him, in order to extract the hidden interest from him cunningly.



By and by on 12th of February,2013 at about 9:00 PM, Asghar Ali Rubani, along with three other men break into Riaz’s house. The three other men are identified as Muhammad Shahzad, Muhammad Nadeem and Allachi, who had been armed with weapons with the intention of terrifying the family. At first the intruders began to beat Riaz and his wife. Adding to their distress, they threatened Riaz to entangle his entire family in false criminal cases; else he should pay them Rs.400, 000.



The following day, careworn and agonized Riaz approached the local police station in the South of Lahore Canntt; but the police seemed reluctant to help him out. He tried to register an FIR against the vandals but all in vain.



Subsequently, on 11th of June,2013; Asghar Ali Rubani craftily registered a false FIR against Riaz at the Police Station Factory Area. The false FIR bearing No.483/13 was lodged against Riaz and two of his sons. As a result of the false case, one of his son was later booked by the police.



As a last resort, Riaz Masih decided to seek help from LEAD and pleaded Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill the National Director LEAD, to lend him a helping hand under harsh circumstances. He further entreated the organization to save them from the snare of Asghar Ali Rubani and his accomplice.