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US And Coalition Carry Out Air Strikes Against ISIS In Syria And Iraq


U.S. and partner-nation military forces continued to attack ISIS terrorists in Syria recently using a mix of fighter and remotely piloted aircraft to conduct six air strikes. Separately, U.S. military forces used attack aircraft today to conduct three air strikes against ISIS in Iraq.

Air strikes hit ISIS
Air strikes hit ISIS

In Syria, one strike south of Al Hasakah destroyed an ISIS garrison, while one strike southeast of Dayr Az Zawr destroyed two ISIS tanks. Two strikes north of Ar Raqqah struck two modular oil refineries and an ISIS training camp, while another strike northeast of Aleppo struck an ISIS occupied building. One strike against an ISIS artillery piece west of Ar Raqqah was not successful.

In Iraq, one strike north of Sinjar destroyed two ISIS armed vehicles, while two strikes northeast of Fallujah struck ISIS fighters.