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US and UK churches express concerns over increasing suppression of Christians in Iran


About 80 Church leaders hailing from UK and US have joined voices and signed a declaration expressing serious concerns, over increasing sub dual of Christians in Iran. The declaration also urged the Western governments to seek improvement in the human rights situation including the situation of Christians in Iran.

Christian persecution in Iran

Bishop John Pritchard former Bishop of Oxford, Rachel Treweek Bishop of Gloucester other priests stated that the suppression of Christians in Iran has increased during the current regime’ tenure. “Iran’s ruling theocracy is rightly a source of grave concern for human rights organizations and institutions with a particular interest in the protection of the rights of Christians,” they said.

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“Reports by the UN Secretary General, the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran, and the U.S. State Department all indicate that the repression of Christians has not only continued but intensified during the presidency of Hassan Rouhani.”

The leaders unanimously demanded that the western governments need to act in order to get the Iranian regime improve the human rights situation. “In such circumstances, we call on all Western countries to consider the deplorable situation of human rights in Iran, particularly the painful situation of Christians and the intensification of their oppression, in navigating their relations with Iran.”

“We call upon them to precondition improvement of those relations on the cessation of oppression of Christians and on a halt in executions.”