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US based NGO furnishes marooned Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Thailand with relief goods


A US based charity furnishes relief goods to the stranded Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Bangkok. ICCF, a US-based charity belonging to Pakistani Christians took up the imposition of handing out aid to the marooned Christians. The charity is also planning a two- step to rescue the high and dry Pakistani Christians anticipating asylum in Thailand.

ICCF provides aid to Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Thailand

About ten families of Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Bangkok received relief goods from ICCF’s team in Thailand. The ICCF team was led by Mr. Joseph Gill who handed over packages of various items of food to the families.Executive Director of ICCF, Mr. Tariq Javed appreciated the efforts of the ICCF team in Thailand and voiced great concern for the deserted Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Thailand. The charity will continue to distribute the food items to these families for another five months.

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The project taken up by the ICCF is that for immigration and adjustment of Pakistani Christian asylum seekers to European countries. The charity is aiming to immigrate the asylum seeking Pakistani Christians to other countries and incorporate them well. The charity also urged the Pakistani Christian communities in USA, Canada, Australia, America, New Zealand and UK to participate in this relief project by sending their donations.

The charity explains that the long-term assistance program will be heralded by simple relief strategies which are based on two phases. In the first phase, basic necessities such as shelter and food will be dispensed to the refugees. Second phase involves facilitating children of refugees to get education and providing legal costs bails of the detained Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Bangkok’s immigration detention centers.