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US Congress consent to funding the Christian militias fighting against the ISIS in Iraq


US Congress has nodded in consent to the bill of funding the Christian militias fighting against the Islamic State terrorists in Iraq. After this bill is passed, the Christian militia will be able to lay hands on state of the art weapons as the US would allot funds to support their cause.

US to fund Christian militia fighting ISIS in Iraq

US Senate and Congress are all set to authorize a bill according to which the Christian militia fighting against ISIS will be sponsored by the US. This funding will result in enhanced combat performance form these militias. Seeing the gravity of the situation, the local Christian took up arms in order to protect themselves against the advancing ISIS militants. These Christians formed militias which engage ISIS in combat and repel them in case of an advance.

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Followed by the news of Congress’ consent to this bill, the executive director of A Demand for Action- Steve Oshana praised the Congress’ consent to the bill and remarked that the move was a “huge step forward, and it is significant because Christian forces in Iraq and Syria have been assertive against IS for the past 18 months and one of them already has the backing of the US.” She adds, “It shows that the US has acknowledged the legitimacy of the Christian militia as a fighting force in Iraq and Syria.”

This move is an obvious indicator that the US lawmakers are keen to help the battered Christians in Iraq amidst systematic genocide of Christians is being taking place at the hands of Islamic State group. Ever since Iraq and Syria were hit by the plague of civil war and instigation of rebel groups and terrorist outfits, tens and thousand so Christians have fled or being killed.

Their quandary is far from being over, those left behind are in a state of trauma, as they mourn and bereave for the loss of their loved ones, or their homes and properties. What is more, Christians who have opted to flee and now taking refuge in the refugee camps are facing organized persecution.

The funding bill bagged, 393 votes while none cast vote against it. The House of Representatives declared that “the atrocities perpetrated by ISIL against Christians, Yezidis, and other religious and ethnic minorities in Iraq and Syria constitute war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide.”