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US points finger at the notorious blasphemy law and crippling religious discrimination


US points finger at the blasphemy law and religious discrimination most prevalent in Islamic countries including Pakistan in particular. Obama administration is underlining huge concerns as the notorious blasphemy laws and the religion based discrimination, in some of the Muslim nations in the world.

Obama administration aims at blasphemy law

In its annual report, which is based on the global religious freedom the US State Department said that blasphemy laws accompanied by either on the blink legal security measures or absent in some cases. The report further pointed out that due to the lack of the legal protection, communities become vulnerable to human rights abuse.

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According to the State Department’s report densely Islamic countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan and Saudi Arabia are countries of particular concern, where communities are targeted on the bases of religion and are likely to fall a prey to the religion based discrimination.

Furthermore, the report also lay great emphasis on the surging bane of religion based harassment, discrimination and violence that oftentimes leads to religious minorities forced into exodus and are left with no other option but to flee from their homes, as in case of Christians from Iraq due to unrelenting violence by terror group Islamic State.

The report highlighted that that the terror group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and Boko Haram in West Africa was caused nuisance to a great extent. The report also detailed atrocities carried out against Sunni Muslims in Iran, Shiite Muslims in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. While at the same time anti-Christians and churches steps taken by China’s communist government, anti-Semitism in Europe and an extensive lack of religious freedom in North Korea were also brought under spotlight.