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US President Barack Obama Authorises Air Strikes On ISIS Militants


WASHINGTON: America to carry out air strikes on Iraq as a result of ISIS persecuting minorities in the country.


US president Barack Obama
US president Barack Obama

The US president Barrack Obama told Iraq’s minorities: “America is coming” US President says he has authorised air strikes against Islamic militants in northern Iraq but will not send US troops back to the country. In his statement he stated that Islamic State (IS) fighters would be targeted to prevent the slaughter of religious minorities, or if they threaten US interests.

The US air strikes have not yet begun; however, the US has made humanitarian air drops to Iraqis under threat from the ISIS militants. In the meantime, IS has seized Qaraqosh, Iraq’s biggest Christian town, forcing local Christians to flee.

Speaking at the White House, Mr Obama said US military aircraft had already dropped food and water to members of the Yazidi religious minority community trapped on Mount Sinjar by IS fighters.