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US Senators Urge For Refugee Status For Christians In Iraq And Syria


A group of US senators has demanded Secretary of State John Kerry do more to protect religious minorities in Syria and Iraq.

US senators urge for refugee status for Christians in Iraq and Syria
US senators urge for refugee status for Christians in Iraq and Syria

According to details, US Senators Roger Wicker and Sherrod Brown led a letter to John Kerry urging him to allow Syrian and Iraqi Christians and Yazidis to find refuge in the United States. The senators added that the State Department should also provide these minorities with better access to U.S. humanitarian aid.

“We have an obligation to stand up for human rights,” Sen. Brown said. Sen. Wicker said, “The U.S. has pledged humanitarian assistance for relief in Iraq and Syria, and that should include refugee assistance for persecuted religious minorities facing persecution. The oppression of Christians and other religious minorities in Syria and Iraq has led to an unspeakable humanitarian crisis,” Wicker said.

“Tens of thousands have had to flee their homes to seek sanctuary from the Islamic State — whose savage treatment of these people is well-documented. The United States has historically protected minorities facing similar circumstances. We should do so again now,” he added.f