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US Should End Aid To Pakistan On Grounds Of Persecution Of Christians In Pakistan Says US Senator


WASHINGTON: Senator Rand Paul calls for an end to US aid to Pakistan by reason of intensifying persecution of Christians facing remarkable oppression in the country.

Senator Rand Paul calls for an end to the US aid to Pakistan
Senator Rand Paul calls for an end to the US aid to Pakistan

In keeping with details, Sen. Rand Paul has called for an ending to the American foreign aid to Pakistan on the grounds that the persecution of Christians living in the countryhas been on a higher side together with gender based violence where young Pakistani women are made to face ill-treatment on domestic as well as social level.


Sen. Rand Paul went on to present various examples of those victimised by the gender based violence before the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee. He mentioned the internationally commended and much-admired young Pakistani girl Malala Yousafzai; who made a manifested demand and struggle for education for girls in her country. Adding on he upheld: no woman in Pakistan who seeks education is safe, thanks to the threat of the Taliban.


While on the other hand, he said that Christians, too, are collapsing in the hostile society. Sen. Paul talked about the blasphemy case of Asia Bibi, a Pakistani woman convicted and sentenced to death for committing blasphemy. After being alleged she was brutally stoned, dragged through streets, beaten and threatened with death facing extra judicial trial. Sen. Paul noted: According to her co-workers, she insulted the Prophet. In our country, we refer to such quibbling as gossip. In Pakistan, if you are a Christian, it can land you on death row. A report by the Fides agency Solidarity and Peace Movement claims that around 700 women including Christians were being forced to convert and marry Muslims every year.


Moreover, it’s not only the Christian women who are being targeted in the religion based violent attacks. In September last year, a Church in Peshawar with a congregation of around 500 to 600 people was attacked when two suicide bombers blew themselves up just as the people were about to leave after the Sunday mass had finished. This was the most deadly attack on the Christian community of Pakistan- as the history says claiming more than 80 lives and several seriously injured. This incident brought international condemnation to the Pakistani executives as well as nationwide disparagement by the Christians in Pakistan down to the lack of law enforcement or security laps regarding the Church blasts.


Continuing his argument Sen. Rand Paul said that most importantly the United States on moral grounds should cease to sponsor such human rights violations by sending aid to the country. He asserted: Many countries that receive U.S. foreign aid have laws that officially discriminate against Christians. Persecution of women is wrong. Persecution of Christians is wrong. Persecution of women or Christians in the name of religion must be stood up to. American power, if it is to have value in the world, must be used as a force against persecution. Our aid money, for example, should never go to countries that persecute women or Christians, not one dime.