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US Urged To Accommodate 70,000 Chaldean Christian Refugees

Thousands of Chaldean Christians displaced
Thousands of Chaldean Christians displaced

A US-based group of the Chaldean Christians has called on the United States to open its doors to members of the religious minority who fled from the advancing Islamic State (IS) army in Iraq.

The Minority Humanitarian Foundation, a US-based charity, has contact with 70,000 Chaldeans who fled from Mosul and its surrounding areas when ISIS militias stormed the region in July and imposed draconian religious laws.

Mark Arabo, the group’s spokesman for Chaldean Christians said, “The US and likeminded countries should open their doors. Some 70,000 innocent lives have contacted us in the last two weeks, begging to be rescued and go anywhere they could because they cannot return to their homes.”