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US urged to castigate Pakistan over surging religion based persecution


Human Rights advocates call for action on behalf of the U.S. – irrefutably putting conditions on the states before forking out billions of dollars in a bid to aid the densely Islamic country which is already reeling. They urged the U.S. to take efficacious steps in order to repressing the rampant persecution of Christian Pakistanis, along with those hailing from other minorities’ communities.

Christian persecution in Pakistan

Meanwhile, Christian persecution keeps swelling in Pakistan, U.S. based advocates for Human Rights urges their government to demand enhanced performance regarding curbing religion based persecution of non-Muslim Pakistanis.

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Lisa Curtis- Senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation told FoxNews that: “The U.S must make protection of religious minorities a higher priority in its relations with Pakistan. Upholding religious freedom is not only important as a human rights issue, but also as a strategic and security issue since it is directly linked to the broader trend of growing Islamic extremism.”

Lisa Curtis who had been part of a group of National Security and Foreign Policy experts who had advised U.S. President Obama to raise the issue of persecution of religious minorities in Pakistan with the Pakistani Premier. On the other hand, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) has been frequently recommending that Pakistan must be designated as a “Country of Particular Concern.”

Once designated as a country of particular concern, U.S. will be able to directly pressurize Pakistan to carry out legal reforms. Furthermore, Reverend Thomas Reese, Chairman of USCIRF said the U.S. State Department won’t disclose the grounds on which the issue of religious persecution was not highlighted. “The forces that target religious minorities and members of the majority faith present a human rights and security challenge to Pakistan and the United States,” he said.